Why should I use a collection agency?
Many debtors will pay a collection agency, despite never paying the original creditor due to several reasons: psychological anxiety associated with a debt; he/she understands that the creditor is serious about collecting the debt; our collector's close follow-up by phone calls and letters; and the Debtor understands that a "collection" account will seriously harm his/her credit bureau report and credit score.


When is it time to place accounts with a collection agency?
You can place delinquent accounts with a collection agency as soon as you determine that your Debtor is not going to pay you. This might be 30 days, 90 days or a year or more. We suggest no more than 90 days after you have failed to receive payment from your Debtor and you have done everything you normally do in your business to secure payment.


How do I get started?
We make the process very simple! Call our Client Service Representative at (503) 922--2441 or Submit an account online.


Do I have to sign a contract?
We ask our clients to sign a basic Account Assignment Agreement confirming the commission rates and the assignment of accounts that you have placed with us to collect.


What if I have several accounts to be placed for collection?
Please contact our Client Service Representative at (503) 922-2441, and he will arrange for a sales representative to visit your place of business and pick up your accounts.


Does your collection service have any hidden fees or charges?
NO! If we are unable to collect from your debtor, there is no fee! We pay all up-front legal or court cost fees.


How much do you charge?
We collect on a commission-rate percentage basis. Rates are lower for larger-balance newer accounts, and higher for lower-balance older accounts. Call our Client Service Representative at 503-922-2441 for further information.


How quickly are my accounts worked after I submit them to you?
An initial Validation letter (per Federal and State laws) is sent to the Debtor the same day your account is input on our system (generally within 24 hours). If no response, telephone follow-up then commences.


How long will you work on my accounts?
We will continue to work your accounts until collected, unless the Debtor files for bankruptcy, or is an habitual skip, or the account is deemed to be un-collectible (Debtor is homeless, unemployed, etc.) by our collection management team.


How long does it take to collect?
The time period to collect various accounts is dependent upon the Debtor involved. If it is a simple billing problem, or a weak dispute by the Debtor, the collection will be immediate. If the Debtor has severe financial problems, health issues or a strong dispute, the collection will take longer, and legal action may be needed. We get your money to you as quickly as possible!


Do you report my accounts to credit bureaus?
Yes, we report all accounts online to the three major credit bureaus after they have been in our system for 90 days. We report online every 30 days. We belong to E-OSCAR Web, which allows us to update disputes or correct information online each day. Credit bureau records are maintained on all consumers for seven years.


Can you collect without damaging our image or reputation?
We never overstep the bounds of ethical and professional conduct in our efforts to collect your accounts. We keep your good reputation in mind, as well as ours!


How do you report on your progress in collecting our accounts?
We offer a monthly status report advising you of our efforts in collecting your accounts and can fax or email you a current status report at any time. Immediately after the first day of the month, we send a monthly statement showing the various accounts that we have collected for you and the amount collected along with your check. You are free at any time to contact our office and speak to our Client Service Representative to give you updated information on any of your accounts.