• Account Assignment

    Collection accounts are received and entered electronically. The information is reviewed for accuracy and our client is contacted should there be any questions. The accounts are listed in our system and an acknowledgement is sent out to the owner. Within 24 hours of receipt the first notification is sent to the consumer.

  • Collector Contact

    Attempts will be made to contact the debtor by a professional licensed collector for recovery. This is accomplished within three days of placement.

  • Skip Tracing

    In some cases it is necessary to utilize national databases in our effort to provide you with the quickest possible rate of recovery on your receivables.

  • Legal Department

    Our agency has an attorney on retainer and our organization is well versed in the legal process regarding collections and judgments. We will pursue legal action with your approval on a suit assignment and support all court costs.

  • Customized Detailed Reporting

    We will provide you with reports as often as you wish. Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually.

  • Industry Standards and Updates

    Through our years of experience and numerous business affiliations we provide our clients with the latest trends and news in their industry.